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Be counted!
Census 2010 helps determine how much federal money comes into your community

No fooling. Answering 10 simple questions onCensus Day—April 1, 2010—can create a better future for you, your family and your township.

In March 2010, more than 130 million addresses in the United States will receive a U.S. Census 2010 questionnaire form either by mail or from a census worker. One of the shortest census forms created since the census was first conducted in 1790, this year’s form should take only 10 minutes to complete. The form will ask for name, gender, age, race, ethnicity, relationship and whether the householder is an owner or renter. People with more than one residence should be counted only at the residence where they spend the largest part of the year.

By filling out your census form accurately and returning it by the deadline, you and the members of your household will be counted in the national census, which is used to determine representation in the U.S. House of Representatives, allocate seats in the state Legislature, and influence how the federal government allocates more than $400 billion to states and communities.

Census data is also used to:

  • guide planning for new hospitals, roads, job training centers, schools and more;
  • determine the need for additional social services, block grants and other grant programs essential to many communities;
  • provide information to ascertain the need for local initiatives, such as after-school programs or community action projects; and,
  • help businesses identify where to locate factories, shopping centers, banks and offices, which often can lead to new jobs.

The U.S. Constitution requires a national census be conducted once every 10 years. In accordance with law, the Census Bureau cannot share an individual’s questionnaire responses with anyone.

For more information about Census 2010, contact Norman Rushing, Clerk or Linda Jordan, Deputy Clerk at Paw Paw Township at 269-657-4340 ext. 25 or go to