Material's and Cost

Recyclable Material

$2.00 per 18 gallon recycling tote

Newspaper & Magazines, Phone Books, Catalogs, Tin / Aluminum (including Kitchen cans), Plastics #1 and #2 only, Glass (green, brown & clear), #6 Styrofoam, Corrugated Cardboard, Cereal Boxes and other related types of boxes.


No Liquids or Hazardous Waste Such as oil base paint & batteries.  If you have household hazardous waste it can be taken to Household Hazardous Waste at 1301 Lamont Avenue in Kalamazoo.  You can contact them at 373-5211.

Transfer Station Material: Costs            
Cubic yard of waste $18.00
30 Gallon plastic bag $3.00 each
55 Gallon Drum $8.00 each
Shingle per cubic yard $30.00
Refrigerators*, Stoves, Washers/Dryers, Water Heaters $21.00 each
Mattress or Box Spring Single $12.00 - Pair $20.00

*Refrigerators not excepted unless FREON is out & tagged

Different size trucks and trailers (at the discretion of the station operators) will add or subtract a load price according to over-fill of truck or trailer.

Pickup Trucks & Trailers  Level Full to Rails   Full to Top of Cab
 Small Size          6 ft bed  $30.00  $50.00
 Full Size              8ft bed  $40.00  $70.00